Melanie Silva
Founder Partner

Mel Silva is a creative director in menswear and visual arts. 

She is specialized at sustainable processes and fabrics besides fair trade ways of production. Citizen of the world and work experienced in different countries and cultures, she loves art, science, and nature. A professional and restless agitator with a Brazilian heart.

Leonardo Silva
Founder Partner

Leo Silva is a tech-oriented and innovation-driven digital entrepreneur as well as an experienced business executive.

His specialties are Product Marketing, Go to Market strategy and CRM. He loves music, history, nature, new business ventures, and design. Brazilian and restless, a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary business fire starter.


The UNTOLDe business concept was born from the desire to offer men good quality clothing made from a production system that does not excessively exploit the use of the world's natural resources, while can also be a smart, cool and practical way to dress. Another goal that moves our global citizen hearts is to be part of a fairer and better fashion production chain and give back to the community their value fair share of this awesome happiness chain that many times we what to keep it just for ourselves.

Join us in this good fight!

Design + Eco + Fair +Solidary Actions UNTOLDe


Mel and Leo – founders

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